American Hydrogen

A fully integrated energy company providing innovative hydrogen generation and carbon management solutions to the rapidly changing energy industry.

Our Purpose

American Hydrogen integrates extensive engineering and manufacturing expertise to provide holistic infrastructure development solutions to the rapidly expanding hydrogen and carbon management markets.

Our highly qualified engineering team brings a 100+ year track record of successful infrastructure implementation experience across the broader energy sector.  We have leveraged this experience to create our proprietary hydrogen generation and storage technologies.  These technologies are a refinement of the proven steam methane reforming process and represent the most robust and lowest cost product solutions on the market today.

With roots in traditional energy, the American Hydrogen management team consists of senior oil and gas professionals who have spent decades developing infrastructure in prominent energy hubs across the United States.  Through this field experience our team can furnish reliable and proven execution for an emerging clean technology market.

Our purpose is reimaging energy for people and our planet. We prioritize transparency in our interactions with customers, vendors, employees, and other relevant stakeholders. We are fully committed to leading the energy transition from traditional carbon-intensive energy systems to more sustainable long-term solutions.

Distributed Hydrogen & Carbon Management Solutions

Our Commercial Offerings

Onsite Hydrogen As-A-Service
  • Lease Option
  • On-site 1-ton, 5-ton, & 10-ton modular hydrogen generation facilities
  • Turnkey installation
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Carbon Management
Turnkey Hydrogen Facilities
  • Purchase Option
  • PM/EPC
  • Balance of Plant
  • Commissioning
Modular & Large-Scale Generation
  • On-site 1-ton, 5-ton, & 10-ton modular hydrogen generation facilities
  • Large Scale Generation Facilities (greater than 10 tons)
Hydrogen Storage
  • Patent-Pending Proprietary Storage System
  • Cost advantaged
Hydrogen Delivery
  • Transportation of hydrogen to end-user
  • Via pipeline or Pressurized Tube Trailers
Fully Integrated Development Solutions
  • Fuel Cell Fleet Conversions
  • Retrofit existing systems for hydrogen consumption
  • Re-appropriate existing pipelines for hydrogen transportation


Transportation Fuels
  • Renewable diesel production
  • Zero emissions mobility for fuel cell electric vehicles
  • Generation, storage, and dispensing stations
Stationary Power Generation
  • Direct feed hydrogen to fuel cell
  • Cost competitive with grid power/diesel generators
  • Compressor Stations, Cryogenic Facilities, CDPs
  • Hydrogen as a feedstock for onsite fertilizer production
  • Production of ammonia, nitrogen, and phosphate fertilizers
Distributed Back-Up Power
  • Centralized hydrogen generation to service multiple locations
  • Telecommunications, data centers
Combustion Fuel
  • Hydrogen as a substitute fuel for burners, heaters, and power generation
  • Refineries, power plants, asphalt terminals
Materials Handling
  • Onsite hydrogen generation to service auxiliary equipment fleet
  • Warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities

Hydrogen presents a sustainable fuel solution that leverages traditional energy sources while simultaneously reducing associated emissions.

Bridging Traditional and Renewable Technologies: Hydrogen is the most abundant element on Earth and can be produced from numerous sources including fossil fuels, biomass, solar and wind energy.  This generation versatility makes hydrogen an integral part of the sustainable energy transition.

Creating Decarbonizing Solutions: Unlike traditional fossil fuels hydrogen is clean burning, producing only water and oxygen when combusted.  When combined with carbon capture and storage (CCS) solutions, American Hydrogen’s SMR technology presents a low cost, sustainable alternative to carbon-intensive energy generation.

Bridging traditional energy with renewable technologies to facilitate the transition towards a greener domestic economy.

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